Wellness 4 Warriors Testimonials

“The sleep system has actually helped my wife and myself get full nights of sleep and am still seizure free!

We really appreciate everything Wellness 4 Warriors has done for us!”

Jeremy J Owen
Dept of Oklahoma
All-American Past
State Commander
Veterans of Foreign Wars

“I have always wondered if things really fall into place when it should, it does. March 5th my apartment building caught fire and I lost nearly everything I owned. Shaunnesy had a meeting that morning with San Antonio Coalition for Veterans and they gave me shelter until my new apartment was ready. I moved in on Friday March 15 and I had nothing but donated clothes and an air mattress. Shaunnesy and Wellness 4 Warriors became my saving grace. Shaunnesy picked me up Monday morning and we went to Optirest Mattress who is partnered with Wellness 4 Warriors. The owner, Geoff, helped me choose a bed that personally fits my needs. The bed was delivered that evening. When Wellness 4 Warriors and Optirest Mattress says they deliver they really do. I am extremely proud to say that Wellness 4 Warriors delivered when I needed it most. Thank you, you are an angel that I needed in a time that I thought all hope may be lost. 

 My back doesn’t hurt, no episodes of restless legs and the only migraines I have had was due to anxiety. Definitely have not taken as many medications for pain or migraines since I got the bed. It sits high so I feel like that bed was made for royalty. Still trying to figure out how I deserve a bed that feels so magical.”

Stacey Bare

Air Force


“The organic latex mattress Wellness 4 Warriors provided for me has definitely changed the quality of my life. It’s been 2-3 weeks and it’s very comfortable. I had 3 dreams and felt like I slept.

Thank you for support and more good nights.

Lynn Geiser

Army Veteran


“I just want to reach out and thank you and all of those involved in my receiving of the Berkey Water Filtration System! To be honest, I didn’t realize that my tap water tasted off until I started using this filter! It has been a blessing and my whole family loves using it! I look forward to having good, clean tasting water from here on out! Again, thank you for this opportunity! “

Brandon A. Dupuis


8152 Marine Corps Security Force Guard / 0311 Infantry


New Hampshire

“I have to say my sleep is better and my back is better because I had extreme back issues. Just all around I’m feeling better than I did before. I received a brand-new king size organic mattress, box springs & a water purification system. I’m now benefitting from drinking clean water and my dogs are too.

Thank you, Wellness 4 Warriors.”

Kasey Sheridan

Army Veteran

“I love the sleep system!

Wow, I love how the blanket keeps me warm if I’m cold and cool if I am hot. The ergonomic pillow is awesome it’s not too soft or too firm. I love the cut out for the neck too. I really appreciate receiving these items, I am sleeping like a baby!!”

Jasmine Russell

Army Veteran

New Jersey

“Thank you so much for our Air Doctor Pro. It means a lot to our family knowing we can breathe great quality air. Our family ranges from seasonal allergies to asthma so this was so exciting to see at our doorstep! We love knowing that we have a better quality of air in our home. Thank you so much Shaunnesy for all that you do for our Veteran Community, it means a lot knowing people care for our well-being. It made our day great knowing that you put your heart into doing the things you do to make another’s life better. You are one amazing gal, and we appreciate all that you do!”

Jessica Perkins

Air Force Veteran


Shaunnesy & Wellness 4 Warriors,

I received an air purifier from you last year. Thank you so much for the opportunity to breathe clean air. This makes a difference in my life.

With Gratitude,”

Christine Hoaglund

US Navy


I served active duty in the Air Force from 2002 to 2007 and I currently have Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism, and Celiac Disease and so drinking water has always been my main drink. I rarely, if ever, drink soda and am always bringing a water bottle with me somewhere.

I received the Berkey Water System at the end of the year in 2021 and since then, I cannot drink any other water. Where I live, our city water has an extremely strong chlorine odor and so I was always buying the other water filters; which were better than the city water at any rate. Since I started drinking from this system; my skin has cleared up and I feel like I have more energy. I even use it for my dog and cat and their lives seemed to have improved as well. I am always carrying at least two water bottles with me when running errands because this filter system just makes the water taste better. Yes, water can and does taste differently from each other; anyone who says otherwise must have decent tasting drinking water. Maybe this is mind over matter, I don’t know but maybe this filter system really is just that great!

Thank you so much, Wellness 4 Warriors, for being an advocate for us and for providing the tools we need to be healthier – I know I appreciate it!”

Lindsay Brewer

Air Force Veteran


“Thank you so much for the gift. As a Veteran with years of lung issues and overall degraded health it is such a relief and inspiration to receive such phenomenal and welcome assistance and care. This Air Filter is a very welcome addition to my family’s home and will certainly benefit not only myself but my wife and small children for years to come. A deep and sincere thank you to Wellness 4 Warriors from the Torgerson family. We wish you the best and look forward to the future. Thank you again.”

Jacob A Torgerson, TSgt, USAF (Ret)



Wellness 4 Warriors is not only a stellar organization, they commit where many other organizations won’t or can’t. They offered what they could to provide me with a taste of better health and I could not be more appreciative. They provided a state-of-the-art and most efficient water purification system which is not only man-packable but stylish in my kitchen. I can take it on camping trips I take with my daughter and ensure we drink clean, fresh water. I had the pleasure of speaking with Shaunnesy, Founder and President, and she is an absolute GEM. Not only do I look forward to speaking with her again, I wish to volunteer due to her diligence and selfless service to our Veterans. Thank you!”

James Gibbs

US Army


In 2018, I found myself in a time of crises. My mother, who had been my caregiver for eight years, and I were in dire straits financially, and it was taking a profound toll on my mental and physical health.

Having already been diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress and major depression due to an injury I incurred while serving, I’d been under the care of mental health providers at the Department of Veterans Affairs for several years. While that treatment kept me alive, I still had terrible depressive episodes, and I was more sensitive to the effects of my symptoms when I was under extreme stress.

It was during that very dark time in our lives that I mustered the courage to ask for help. That’s when I found Wellness 4 Warriors. I wasn’t looking for a handout but rather support and, with that, a gentle nudge to keep moving forward.

Mrs. Shaunnesy Rodriguez, the Founder of Wellness 4 Warriors, openly listened to me as I shared with her some of the crucial events that had led up to that point in my life. She was caring and thoughtful, and she wanted to help me and my mother. I was so grateful to have found Wellness 4 Warriors online.

Over the course of the following several months, Shaunnesy and I developed a supportive friendship. She called me periodically to check-in, to see how the products provided by Wellness 4 Warriors had been working for me, and just to let me know she was still by my side.

This organization gifted me with several items that are still used today. What I found during our communication was a military mom who had a deep appreciation for our country’s military – especially for the people who work so hard to uphold our citizen’s freedoms. Shaunnesy has worked tirelessly for each and every veteran she’s been able to help.

The help I received from Wellness 4 Warriors was immeasurable. Every item that’s provided to their veterans is given for the express purpose of helping that person heal and live a healthy life. After those few months working with this organization, I began to experience a sense of calm that had been absent from my life for so long. I slept better on the sleep system, so I was able to be more productive. In addition, the air purifier has been tremendously helpful in making sleep more restful because it reduced my allergies significantly. I drank clean water, and because I felt newly refreshed, I made smarter choices about the food we were consuming. As a result, I lost approximately 40 pounds!

The ripple effects from what these health-positive items provided helped me, and my mom get out from under our dark cloud and back to a more stable life together. We are so grateful to Shaunnesy and the people who come together for the veterans in need.”


Tiffany Vance


I was so excited to try the sleep system? I set up the sleep system the day we received it and I have been sleeping much better. Actually, maybe too much sleep! LOL

Our family uses the water filter daily and it’s on the counter. Thank you to Wellness 4 Warriors! Everything’s going great and I just wanted to say thank you once again.”

SFC (R) Israel Hillyer


I am a Vietnam Vet and suffered from PTSD, Sleep Apnea, Depression, RLS, and severe arthritis. Very reluctantly I agreed to get the “Sleep System”. We started adding more natural products immediately.

After 2 weeks, the only way I would have given these up is if someone was to pry them out of my hands! I have noticed improvement in my health and I feel great.”

Gary S. Army 1st Cav, Purple Heart


Wellness 4 Warriors is a great organization that I have been graciously afforded the opportunity to meet and work with for my own benefit of healing. I have been provided free of charge a “Water Purification Filter” that has drastically increased my water consumption. If it tastes better than you have ever had, not only is it cleaner and better for your body, but you will drink more of it. I promise! Additionally, the Chlorine released vaporoursly is toxic, so having a “Shower Filter” is the way to go, provided by Wellness 4 Warriors. Clean Air & Clean Water are two keys for a healthier you.! The “Demo Sleep System” I’ve been loaned let me sleep like a rock. I usually have nightmares, did not have any.

I recently broke my collarbone and shoulder blade that near nightly prevent restful sleep. I felt well rested, my pain was minimal and I don’t think I woke up once! The sleep system was so relaxing. The pain in my shoulder was unbearable before just sleeping on my mattress alone. I was getting maybe 2 hours rest per night due to my broken bones in my shoulder area. The first night on the sleep system I got about 6hrs. of rest. While sleeping on the topper I nearly had immediate pain relief. When I laid flat as before without the topper it would cause pressure and sharp pains in the affected area. It also helped my lower back and I felt more refreshed in the mornings due to the increased circulation in my body from the magnets with the pad. I’m saving up to purchase one!”

T. Charlie Huffstutler

United States Army


I have Behcet’s Disease which causes severe joint pain as well as problems with circulation, but since I got my “Magnetic Gel Insoles” I have noticed a big difference, especially in my feet, ankles and lower legs. I have noticed since I have been wearing the insoles that my feet are warmer and it feels like the bloodflow has increased. Even my joints feel a little looser in my ankles/feet. I can’t imagine what a full sleep system could do!

Love the”Berkey Water System”! It works great! Have actually been passing kidney stones off and on since July 4th — about 4-5 days of pain, with about a week in between…..right now I am alright — so hopefully that was it!

I wanted to let you know I received the magnetic pillow and the water bottle! I have been using the pillow the past two nights — I am still trying to figure out if it helps, but the past two nights, it has seemed as if there has been a benefit — I have a lot of pain in my neck –my C5, C6 vertebrate are bulged — so I have a lot of pain there — but I have woke up without a stiff neck the past two days. Thank you Wellness 4 Warriors so much for providing this for me! Semper Fi!”

Kenny Bass USMC Combat Veteran Infantry – Iraq (2003)


“I had upper and lower back pain that would make me not want to do anything but lay in bed all day and even that hurt. The horrible back pain brought me to my knees. I got the “Magnetic Gel Insoles”from Wellness 4 Warriors and they took the pain away within an Hour and I felt great all day. Thank you so much!”

Kyle Danielsen USCG (2009 – 2014)


Thomas Neeley has MS and has been in a “wheel chair” for years.” “Thank you so much! He actually stood for a very short time last night which he has not been able to do for quite awhile! It had to be the “Magnetic Energy Insoles”!

I will keep you informed! He also has not had a bladder infection after providing us with the “Berkey Water Purification Filter”. Love you with an agape love from God himself! (Thomas Neeley’s wife, Kathy).

Thomas Neeley United States Air Force

Instructor Pilot (1970-1975) President at Neeley Business Services, Inc.


“I was on my 2nd tour when I was injured by an IED. I spent 2 years in Germany in rehab on my leg. I gained weight, suffered from sleep apnea, thyroid issues, acid reflux, and could not focus.

My Mom and Dad gave me a “Sleep System, Air, Water, and Magnets”. Amazing things started happening. I started feeling better, felt motivated to exercise and run again, thus losing 65lbs. I got my life back!!”

Josh L. US Army /Airborne Wings


“As a cook, I stand on my feet for 14+ hours a day without a second to sit. With an unhealed ankle injury, I would wrap my ankle in the morning before work, leave work limping, and have a miserable time trying to sleep with the intolerable pain.

After a few days of using the”Magnetic Gel Insoles” in my work boots and house shoes at home, I noticed I wasn’t in constant pain anymore. Thanks to the insoles I no longer have to get up earlier to wrap my ankle and get a good night’s rest. I’m so thankful that I can now withstand a long work week on my feet.”

Hannah Rogers USCG Active Duty (2012)


“I want to express my appreciation for your generosity and your sacrifice. Thank you for the gift of the “Advanced Lennox Filter System” for my Air condition/heater. The VA indicated that many of the allergies I have, can be linked to Agent Orange exposure while serving in Vietnam. Allergies are just a small part of the disabling conditions caused by the chemical.

I’m also thankful for the “Magnetic Gel Insoles” as they are helping with my severe neuropathy. I have had numbness in my feet for years and I’m beginning to have some feeling which means the nerves are starting to be stimulated. Gives me hope!

Your gift, the air filter, is amazing. I immediately notice the difference in air quality when I go outside. It really does a good job of removing the pollen and harmful airborne particles. Thank You!”

Gary McCarron USMC Disabled Veteran (Vietnam – 1969-1972)


“These folks have helped me in many ways. From “Magnetic Gel Insoles” for my shoes along with a “Pillow with Magnets” which I contribute to my decreased headaches. Both increase blood flow where I need improved circulation. Also this group has blessed my family, my dogs, cats, and myself with a great tasting home “Berkey Water Purification System” which contributes to an all round increase in our health. Since receiving the magnetic pillow I have had no new brain tumors! Thank you God & thank you Wellness 4 Warriors for looking out for my family as well as myself.”

David Thomas – United States Army, veteran

David Thomas IAWL Foundation

Dedicated to creating awareness about Iraq Afghanistan War Lung Disease


I just wanted to tell you thank you for the”Magnetic Gel Insoles”, they are amazing! I wear knee braces on both knees and lose my balance quite often due to vertigo but with the insoles on I am able to walk further, stand longer and hardly ever lose my balance!!!”

Joe Sifuentes

US Army/Medically Retired

“Before receiving the”Air Filter, Water System and Magnetic Gel Insoles”from Wellness 4 Warriors I went through a case of Dr. Pepper in a matter of a few days, had severe acid reflux, headaches, body aches, restless leg syndrome and the list goes on… Since receiving these a few months ago I have had 3 sodas total, a small handful of headaches no where near severe as before, my sinuses have cleared up, chronic cough and need to clear my throat is gone and back/neck pain is gone for the most part with just a few aches every now and then.. These products have truly improved not just my quality of life but my whole families quality of life. We are all eternally grateful to this life changing group that Wellness 4 Warriors is.”

Eric Bowden

Army Veteran – 4th Brigade 4 Infantry Division (2004 – 2012)

Purple Heart


“Everything you have supplied me has changed my QUALITY OF LIFE no doubt in that.

(Berkey Clean/Purified Water Filter, Water Shower Filter, Air Purification Mobil Unit, Magnetic Gel Insoles)

God Bless you and your mission. Out of every organization out there I asked for help Wellness 4 Warriors is the only one that actually said they would and followed through and that’s a blessing. I appreciated the fact that you did what you said, actually more by helping with the wheelchair, see I tried several bigger name organization trying to get help spent over a year only getting lip service, and if it wasn’t for you, I still wouldn’t have mobility. As of this day I am still waiting for the electric chair (from the VA). I was told I still have another month to wait. It’s been over 2 years since the doctor first wrote consult for it.

As far as the environmental filter, the VA knows I need it but getting anything like Wellness provided would take at least another year. They have my breathing test which will move me from 30% service connected for ingesting chemicals to 100%, but the channels of red tape and bureaucracy aren’t saving soldiers and veterans.

It’s organizations like Wellness 4 Warriors that are making the difference, one veteran at a time.”

Patrick Johnson

Marine Veteran


“My family and I would like to thank Wellness 4 Warriors for the “Air Purifier” we received. This has truly improved our health and we are considering getting two more. This had made it easier to sleep but more importantly to us is that our kiddos are not having as many allergy symptoms.

If you considering donating please do! This organization is truly making a positive impact in the veteran/military community. I know that they will continue to grow and improve the lives of so many more warriors. Again my family and I are truly grateful.”

Richard Delgado Jr & his wife Natasha

Marine Veterans

Director of Military Community Development & Army ROTC · August 2009 to present · Texas AM University San Antonio


“I wanted to thank you for the “Berkey Water Filtration System”. Our tap water is a little scary. It was leaking green algae in the dogs water dispenser. I was really not comfortable with my family drinking it. We have had the water filter for the months now. I can honestly say that the water tastes a million times better. We are all drinking so much more water than we ever have. In fact, it is all I drink now. I love the fact that the filter system is portable. I can’t wait to take it when we go camping this summer. Thank you for providing this crucial part of improving the health of this veteran and her family.

Liz Skilbeck & family

Air Force Veteran


“A very important part of being healthy is drinking enough clean water. I used to have a hard time forcing myself to drink enough. Ron and I are extremely thankful to Wellness 4 Warriors for our Big Berkey Water System. Now, our entire family gets clean, filtered drinking water. We’re all drinking more water now. Thank you!!”

USAF Veteran Ron Southern (wife Michelle & daughter Taylor)


We are absolutely so pleased with the Berkey Water System. We use it everyday for drinking and cooking. Even our pets get in on the action. They can’t stand the tap water and prefer the Berkey. I know it has helped me as I recover from both back and prostate cancer surgery. Even our dog and cat only drink the berkey water now.

Army Veteran Dan Mobley (wife Jennifer)


“Before using the Sleep System, I HATED waking up in the morning. I had not had a restful night’s sleep in over a decade. Mornings were terrible, and I had to force myself out of bed every day. Now, I wake up, awake! This is a complete 180 from where I was starting every other day. I am awake at 7:30 every morning. Awake and happy. Two things that never went together before 10:00.

My husband has commented that his back has been feeling much better lately. He said that the tightness is pretty much gone! This is a blessing. Living in Minnesota, temperatures get pretty cold here at night. Just over a week ago it was more than 30 below zero! We have always used an electric blanket in the winter. With our sleep system we were able to take it off the bed and still stay warm at night. Sometimes, too warm. I am a hot sleeper, my husband is not. He has never complained about being too hot at night, that is just me. We are grateful to Wellness 4 Warriors for providing the sleep system.”

USAF Veteran Liz Skilbeck


“My name is Heather Carranza and I’m very grateful for all the products Wellness 4 Warriors has provided me. After a very hard fight with homelessness, hopelessness and a life-saving brain surgery, I submitted for help on the Wellness 4 Warriors website.

As a veteran organization they provided me with a Clean Bed, Magnetic Gel Insoles, a Berkey Water Filtration System & a Shower Filter, an Air Purifier, and a Sleep System that I could not afford on my own. All of these products assisted with the healing process following my brain surgery. I don’t go anywhere without the “magnetic insoles” as they are helping with my feet and legs. Now I have clean, purified water to drink so I’m drinking plenty of water now.

I can tell in just one day that the air purifier is making a difference. My son had a cold and I usually give him his nebulizer for asthma, but I decided to also put the air purifier in his room to see if it might help. I gave him a puff of his inhaler and when he woke up in the morning his wheezing was gone and his voice wasn’t hoarse.

The pillow is a God send!! It has a curve in the middle which supports my neck. I discovered that the magnets are stimulating my nerves/regaining feeling and helping me to have a faster recovery. You are a lifesaver! I hug my pillow every night. Just a few days later my nerves in my head have stopped hurting! My pain level was about 4 – 5 at different spots on my head, now nothing! I sleep like a baby now with the whole sleep system.

Wellness 4 Warriors stands by veterans one at a time as donations come in. My healing has truly been one inside and out and having an organization genuinely care has made a huge difference. I will continue my support for this group and do my best to help spread awareness. No veteran should go without and I’m truly thankful for all of the people that donated and continue to support Wellness 4 Warriors.”

Heather Carranza

SSGT – U.S. Air Force


“I wanted to let you know we received the Berkey Water Filter as well as my Magnetic Gel Insoles. The timing was miraculous and I have no doubt God has been guiding every step. We just moved into our fifth wheel and being connected to city water I was really worried about incurring the cost of bottled water because we cannot drink the tap. This filter is AMAZING. We’ve both already noticed a difference in how we feel, particularly with the gut health issues we’ve had since Iraq. If there is every ANYTHING I can do to help support Wellness 4 Warriors, please do not hesitate to let me know.”

Gena DeSimone US Army (PFC)

John Garner US Army (SGT)

“Hello! I just wanted to thank you very much for the Berkey Water System. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this system and what it can do for our body and mind. It’s a shame what’s in our water these days. I personally have gone through a lot of health issues including stress, fatigue, and migraines. I’m excited too set this up and know that with every drink, I’m cleansing my body of toxins that I’ve collected from the environment. To be able to share this with my family is a great blessing! Again, thank you Wellness 4 Warriors so very much for this wonderful gift.”

J. C. Former, United States Air Force Reserver

“My husband and I are both Army veterans, and we have 4 kids. All of us have health issues. Wellness 4 Warriors got us a Berkey water filter and a Berkey filter for our shower. The water tastes so good now! No more orange pasta! And what a joy it is to not be itchy from dry skin or have broom straw dry hair! I shudder to think about what else we were putting in our bodies besides iron!”

Karen Frank-Knapp & her husband Tim Knapp

Army Veterans

“We love our Berkey water system. I tell everyone to get one. It is so worth the money. We put water in it multiple times a day. Wellness 4 Warriors, thank you so much for everything that you provided to provide relief to my vet. We have thoroughly enjoyed better sleep thanks to the sleep system. From the mattress topper, pillows and comforter we are surrounded with healing. I can tell a difference in his sleeping from using the sleep system. Thank you for helping support Veteran’s.”

Army Veteran Scott Sittner & his wife Amie

“I received the sleep system last week! I must admit I have always been a skeptic of the healing benefits of magnets. However, I lay on the comforter and I do seem to sleep better. The pillows are extremely comfortable as well! Thank you for the Air Doctor Pro unit as well, I know breathing cleaner air is helping my health.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have not been doing so well mentally and physically lately. However, receiving the gifts from Wellness 4 Warriors has shown me that there are still good and awesome people out there that care. Thank you a million times over for what you, your organization, your partners,, and donors have done for me and future veterans.

Marine Veteran Adam Howard




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