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We are proud parents and family members of their service to this nation. They are warriors and served our country honorably. We have come to know numerous veterans that have been adversely affected, either; physically, emotionally or through environmental means. Tens of thousands of veterans have not received adequate or timely care and they have been inundated with medications.

It is our goal to stand in and support veterans through donations and fundraising efforts.

Shaunnesy Rodriguez (Military Mom)
Shaunnesy Rodriguez (Military Mom)Founder/President
God has put this mission deep within my heart. I have always supported our military and when our youngest son had joined the Marines I felt God tugging on my heart to do something to help our Veterans. It wasn’t until about 5yrs. later that I truly realized why I had this passion. My Dad had served in WWII but I never knew until after he passed. He also was the News 4 Anchor here in Military City USA. (the #4 in Wellness 4 Warriors is in his honor) My Mom also danced for the USO and I didn’t not know that either. Through the Wellness 4 Warriors organization and the help of many, I know my vision will become a reality and I could not have done this without the love of my family. Without our Veterans we would not have our freedom, they deserve everything we can do to give back. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 35 years and through my experiences and research I have discovered that we cannot just diet and exercise our way into good health anymore. In order to give our bodies the best opportunity to live healthier we need to look at the water we are drinking, the air we are breathing, the quality of our sleep, healthy nutrition, and restoring the energy for our bodies. Simply, going back to nature.
William (Bill) Bassuk
William (Bill) BassukBoard Member

Richard Gonzales
Richard GonzalesBoard Member

Sandy Bassuk
Sandy BassukBoard Member
Sandy served on active duty in Florida and Great Lakes, Illinois, and in the US Navy Reserves as a Naval Hospital Corpsman. Her service includes Military hospitals nationally from Virginia to California in the Navy and as a civilian nurse. Her husband, Bill, also served in the Navy and the Army, and together they lived the military life from California to Virginia and back. There is a sense of family, a brotherhood, and sisterhood in the military. We genuinely take care of our own. When we lived on the military base, I always felt that we were safe and with family. One of my favorite experiences was when I had the honor of working as a corpsman giving physicals to the Top Gun Pacific Fleet Naval fighter pilots at Miramar. I also had great experiences working with the Army and the Marines. I worked as a nurse in the Civil Service at Beaumont Army Medical Center alongside my father-in-law, a retired Army First Sergeant Vietnam helicopter combat medic and nurse. I feel a deep sense of patriotic pride and gratitude to those who gave so much, including wives and husbands and families who served their part and sacrificed and stood by them. I am proud to have seen what it takes to be in the military and taught my children about that deserved respect. I know and respect that it takes so much to earn and maintain the freedoms and privileges that we enjoy in our country. I try not to take those for granted and learned what it means to be an American and have tremendous gratitude to our veterans. I am honored to be able to help.
Lisa Gonzales
Lisa GonzalesBoard Member
Bert Pickel
Bert PickelBoard Member
Scott McKnight
Scott McKnightBoard Member
Guadalupe McKnight
Guadalupe McKnightBoard Member-Treasurer
Linda Zimmerhanzel
Linda Zimmerhanzel Board Member
Linda grew up an Army brat, mostly in Hawaii, with a Colonel father who orchestrated POWs’ repatriation from Vietnam in the 70s and now has a son-in-law who is a major in the Air Force. The military life has helped navigate many of her life choices, including her current career as a real estate broker and owner of a brokerage in San Antonio (Military City USA), Concierge Realty of SA, which specializes in veteran buyers and sellers. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a journalism degree, Linda worked as a television producer for the ABC affiliate in Honolulu. She then authored nine novels, raised three daughters, and managed a non-profit before finding her best niche— advocating for the clients she represents in real estate.