About Us – Wellness 4 Warriors

We are proud American Patriots, veterans, parents and family members of men and women who serve this nation. They are warriors and served our country honorably. We have come to know numerous veterans that have been adversely affected, either; physically, emotionally or through environmental means. Tens of thousands of veterans have not received adequate or timely care and they have been inundated with medications.

It is our goal to stand in and support veterans through donations and fundraising efforts.

Shaunnesy Rodriguez (Military mom)
Shaunnesy Rodriguez (Military mom)Founder/Executive Director
God has put this mission deep within my heart. I have always supported our military and when our youngest son had joined the Marines I felt God tugging on my heart to do something to help our Veterans. It wasn’t until about 5yrs. later that I truly realized why I had this passion. My Dad had served in WWII but I never knew until after he passed. He also was the News 4 Anchor here in Military City USA. (the #4 in Wellness 4 Warriors is in his honor) My Mom also danced for the USO and I didn’t not know that either. Through the Wellness 4 Warriors organization and the help of many, I know my vision will become a reality and I could not have done this without the love of my family. Without our Veterans we would not have our freedom, they deserve everything we can do to give back. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 35 years and through my experiences and research I have discovered that we cannot just diet and exercise our way into good health anymore. In order to give our bodies the best opportunity to live healthier we need to look at the water we are drinking, the air we are breathing, the quality of our sleep, healthy nutrition, and restoring the energy for our bodies. Simply, going back to nature.
Kasey Sheridan
Kasey SheridanBoard of Directors
U.S Army Veteran

Wellness 4 Warriors has been a game-changer for me. As a veteran, I struggled with sleep issues and poor water quality for years. However, after connecting with Wellness 4 Warriors, I was able to receive a new organic mattress and water purification system. The impact was immediate, and I felt a significant improvement in my overall health and well-being. I was so grateful for the support that I received from the organization that I felt compelled to give back. I joined the organization and started volunteering my time and resources to help other veterans in need. Over time, I became more involved and was eventually appointed as the Vice President of the organization. I am proud to be a part of such a fantastic organization that is dedicated to helping veterans live healthier and happier lives.

Through my involvement with Wellness 4 Warriors, I have been able to connect with other veterans who have similar struggles. I have seen firsthand the impact that the organization has had on their lives, and it has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of that. As the Vice President, I am committed to continuing the mission of Wellness 4 Warriors and helping as many veterans as possible. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to those who have served our country and look forward to continuing to make a difference in their lives.

Bert Pickell
Bert Pickell Board of Directors
Chief Master Sergeant
USAF Retired
Director of San Antonio Walks – Mayor’s Fitness Council.

Upon retirement in 2003, Bert was selected marathon coach for the Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society taking many folks to national marathons and being noted in
local media. In 2006, he became a community manager for the American
Cancer Society (ACS). Bert established new Relays For Life in Bexar, Frio,
Medina, and Kerr counties which connected many cancer survivors to resources
and significantly increased mission funding. In 2006, Bert established ACS’ first
marathon training program – DetermiNation training survivors, staff, and
families, raising awareness for cancer research and the need for volunteers.
Bert is the Racewalking chair and “go-to” coach for USA Track & Field in South
Texas. He is the only person to be selected for Association President 3 times .
As the primary Racewalking official within South Texas, Bert has judged at all
levels – youth, senior, national, and international. He was the Chief Racewalk
Official for the National Senior Games in 1995, and has been the lead official in
Texas Senior Games for more than 25 years. His training clinics for officials,
coordinators, and fitness walkers are always in demand.
Bert initiated the WalkFIT fitness walk training program in 2014, establishing four
(4) unique training modules for folks to pursue endurance walking and prepare
walker for events – competitive and non-competitive. More than 150 walkers
have gone through this program and WalkFIT is still the only training of its kind.
An active member of the Mayor’s Fitness Council, Bert promotes wellness in all
relationships: Age Well Live Well senior-focused coalition, Active Transportation
Advisory Committee, Linear Creekways Advisory Trail Group, the American
Volkssport Association, and with many city, civic, and non-profit organizations.
He interacts frequently with national coalitions American Walks, Everybody
Walks, and Walk With a Doc. In 2017, Bert was selected to lead the MFC
Community Committee due to his ability to build relationships and promote
wellness throughout San Antonio’s communities. Within a short time, he
revamped the committee and improved attendance and involvement 300
percent. The committee was highlighted in 2019 by Mayor Nirenberg due to its
growth in demographics and outreach covering all elements of wellness:
fitness, nutrition, and mental health. Bert was eventually awarded by the Mayor
with the prestigious Spirit of Hope award for his dedication and commitment.
As a very active senior, Bert was selected by City District 6 to be sole
representative for the Parks & Recreation Board and the Joint City and County
Commission on Elderly Affairs. In both instances, he has been an integral part
of promotion, teamwork, and volunteerism. “Educating, Initiating, Motivating,
and Inspiring” has been his motto in all his volunteer endea

Ben Donaubauer
Ben DonaubauerBoard of Directors/Treasurer
Ben was born and raised in San Antonio and graduated from Churchill High School. He got his Culinary Arts certification from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school in Austin, TX and enjoys cooking in his free time. He believes any day is a great day for grilling! He realized although food is a passion, he is better suited in a position to help those around him. He began working in financial institutions and rose up the ranks from teller to branch manager. He now works at Generations Federal Credit Union as the branch manager of the Castle Hills location. He is married with 3 children and when not spending time with his wonderful family he is playing guitar or working out. He has not served in the military however many of his family members have served or are active duty. His brother and father-in-law, and extended family have all served in the Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast Guard. He has also served several years in the non-profit sector including President of the Guadalupe County United Way in Seguin, TX.
Melanie Ryan
Melanie RyanAdvisor
Ana Primera
Ana PrimeraAdvisor
Clinical Nutritionist