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We are proud parents and family members of their service to this nation. They are warriors and served our country honorably. We have come to know numerous veterans that have been adversely affected, either; physically, emotionally or through environmental means. Tens of thousands of veterans have not received adequate or timely care and they have been inundated with medications.

It is our goal to stand in and support veterans through donations and fundraising efforts.

Shaunnesy Rodriguez (Military Mom)
Shaunnesy Rodriguez (Military Mom)Founder/President
God has put this mission deep within my heart. I have always supported our military and when our youngest son had joined the Marines I felt God tugging on my heart to do something to help our Veterans. It wasn’t until about 5yrs. later that I truly realized why I had this passion. My Dad had served in WWII but I never knew until after he passed. He also was the News 4 Anchor here in Military City USA. (the #4 in Wellness 4 Warriors is in his honor) My Mom also danced for the USO and I didn’t not know that either. Through the Wellness 4 Warriors organization and the help of many, I know my vision will become a reality and I could not have done this without the love of my family. Without our Veterans we would not have our freedom, they deserve everything we can do to give back. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 35 years and through my experiences and research I have discovered that we cannot just diet and exercise our way into good health anymore. In order to give our bodies the best opportunity to live healthier we need to look at the water we are drinking, the air we are breathing, the quality of our sleep, healthy nutrition, and restoring the energy for our bodies. Simply, going back to nature.
Bert Pickell
Bert PickellBoard Member
Bert Pickell is the Director of San Antonio Walks, an initiative created by the Mayor’s Fitness Council in August 2012. As coach and co -founder of the nationally-recognized youth walking club – The South Texas Walking Club – Bert was selected to develop walking programs, promote a walking lifestyle, and engage all San Antonio communities in supporting walking initiatives. With extensive community relationships and over 30 years as a USAF personnel leader, Bert oversees all operations and establishes communityfocused programs to encourage walking. Walking groups are in every demographic, city district, military installation, independent school structure, and many churches. Currently, there are more than 770 walking groups and more than 40 events annually supporting walkers. Always leading from the front, Bert has 45+ years devoted to fitness walking as an endurance walking coach, event manager, competitive judge, and experienced Racewalk competitor. Whether to help set up programs, provide assistance in presentations or demonstrations, or actually lead training walks, Bert has established San Antonio as a fitness walking champion city. Originally trained as a Morse Systems Operator, Bert was selected as the USAF’s best operator in 1986 and has served in six (6) countries from 1973 – 2003. Identified as the service’s top technician, he was handpicked to be on the Air Intelligence Agency’s Inspection Team providing critical assessments and mission guidance to over 25 intelligence installations.
John Bock
John BockBoard Member
Stephanie Bock
Stephanie BockTreasurer
Melanie Ryan
Melanie RyanAdvisory Committee
Kasey Sheridan
Kasey SheridanAdvisory Committee
Ana Primera
Ana PrimeraAdvisory Committee