Ana Primera, CCN, MS, LSE

Clinical Nutritionist

Professional/ Academic Bio

St. Mary’s University, BS

University of Bridgeport University, Masters in Human Nutrition

Certified Clinical Nutritionist, International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists

Certified Lifestyle Educator, Metagenics

San Antonio, Texas

(210) 563-3779

[email protected]

Currently servicing the city of San Antonio and beyond, both virtually and face to face, her office Primera Wellness, is in Castle Hills. Ana receives personal, corporate, and currently eight referring physicians for clinical nutrition. Her observant and analytical dedication, caring and charismatic professionalism, clinical nutrition and functional medicine expertise are important foundational blocks to the quality of counseling she gives her patients. Ana designs customized disease intervention and prevention, sports performance, and weight management programs to educate patients about the lifestyle changes they can make to help them achieve their goals and maintain health and wellness. Through a wide range of testing, innovative therapies and reviewing blood work are applied to help pinpoint the root cause of patients’ symptoms, chronic and autoimmune diseases, metabolic dysfunctions, micro/macro deficiencies, cancer, and hormonal imbalances to develop treatment, intervention and prevention programs more effectively.

Ana has obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is a certified Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator. She can conduct BIA examinations to develop meals plans according to client’s health risks such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and many other comorbidities. She has spoken in the community, colleges and universities and corporate events on topics of nutrition, health, and wellness. She also has teamed up with doctors in the city and she conducts nutrition talks to patients and organizations. She also enjoys assisting companies in implementing wellness programs and campaigns, onsite and virtual wellness services, and events as well as incentive driven challenges.

Ana is an active member of the Board of Advisors and the Nutritionist for Wellness for Warriors. This non-profit serves our countries veterans nationwide with their Wellness needs. She is partnered with the San Antonio Business on Health subcommittee of the Mayor’s Fitness Council in efforts to make San Antonio’s workforce healthier. She has hosted many onsite health fairs, fund-raising events for foundations and organizations such as the American Heart Association, Family Endeavors and has opened for press conferences promoting Mayor’s Fitness Council. As a devoted Christian, Ana also serves weekly in her church ministries and outreach programs.

Ana strives to educate the lives she serves. She is passionate about making a difference in patient’s quality of life, making any city a healthier city, promoting health and wellness in the workplace, and reducing health care costs for both patients and employers. Ana is available for speaking events upon request.