Thank you for supporting our veterans! Wellness 4 Warriors has received over 30 submissions and we are doing out best to continue raising funds.

We asked the Veterans to pick ONE of the products that they believe would be most beneficial as we need to raise more funds. Most need all of these products. (Water system, Air unit, Sleep System, Organic Bed)

There are 2 ways you can help Wellness 4 Warriors bless these veterans:

1) Pick a Warrior from the list. Raise the funds needed and make the donation

2) Make a kind donation of any amount toward the $4000.00 goal

*Please add a note when you donate and list the name of the Veteran you selected.

1. Army Veteran Jeff – Air unit

2. Army Veteran Sherree – Air unit

3. Navy Veteran Thomas – Air unit

4. Marine Veteran Jeff T. – Air unit

5. Army Veteran Meeka – Air unit

6. Army Veteran Jodie – Sleep system

7. Army Veteran Jake – Air unit

8. Army Veteran Brian – Organic Bed (king)

9. Navy Veteran Christine – Air unit

10. Army Veteran Deborah – Sleep System (king)